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February 14, 2007


Chris Dewey

Why so circumspect. Either you are a believer, or you are not.Everything in the middle is for "show". Religion definately has a place.
Why does religion have such a bad "name".
Answere, violence. Murder, Death! Disease,Cancer,Bad Stuff.
Why hasn't GOD put an end to it?
Good Question! Lot's of major people have asked that question.
Still waiting, BUT
What about the violence today, if God isn't going to reach down and put an end to it, why can't man through religion?
Back Rony to the question of Religion.
Does violence have any place in religion?
Counter ituitive right?
Like the Pope spoke quoting a Byzantine ruler, for 1,500 years, educated people have know this.
What is wrong with the dopes practicing religion now?
If this gets a responce, I'll tell you the answere.

stalker mods

imho religions help us to understand eachother and this not simple world

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