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August 22, 2006


Amanda T.

I read that article and cried so much. I might be female, but I have never before cried over some book or movie- honestly. What got me was that they said most of the people there are innocent. That's probably why the administration is keeping it a secret and still not providing them a trial, even with the Supreme's court decision that they deserve it. Bush's approval ratings are low, but if prisoners that had been tortured for the last several years went on trial and were found to be completely innocent... well, hopefully he would be impeached but most of Congress would say how right it is. Today I saw a Republican on CSPAN standing before all of the nation and proclaiming that these prisoners are "freedom-haters," using fear tactics as usual. Every time I hear politicians say that, I get so mad- they have NOT been tried. Well, sorry for the rant, I've just been very upset over this since I read the article. I agree with your comment that "when they will no longer bring us harm - what we do then defines our soul as a country."


thank you for the heartfelt comments!


see kay

Hang the schmuk! Old enough to kill...then old enough to die!

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