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March 03, 2006



You remarked that we are now at peace with Germany and Japan. I think it's worth noting that this peace came after having totally destroyed them both in total all out war- in Japan's case, after two nuclear strikes.

It will take the same effort to wipe out radical islam.


Hi Rony! Long time no talk, hope all is well.

Thought you might be interested in:

Call it hirabah, not jihad ...


well this article is nothing but another repeated story of what the western media wants you to think about islam...
islma is the religion which developed Arabs and by developing Arabs the whole world had been developed... without the arabs westerns would still pay preists to get their forgiveness certificates.

The problem of muslims is not islam rather it is not practicing islam

then the people who created what you call radical islam are the west , in fact they were created first to fight the othmanic empire then to fight the russian...

and whay is claimed by the american official websites that it had nothing to do with the radical islam in Afghanistan is a lie just the iraq war cause of war and other lies that american governments try to make on their people and most of them foolishly believe... since you want to destroy us and kill our children destroy our schools and hospitals don't blame us if we attacked you...

Then 9/11 is not made by Osama bin laden or Alqaeda,, it is made by the mosad and there are many evidence for that..

the only thing that americans say that they have evidence on the terrorist list is just some witnesses who were forcefully said what the cia wants them to say..

then the names that were given for the terrorists were wrong they are about 9 of the so called terrorists are in Saudi Arabia alife... I wonder how they survived!!!

Yet your media keep repeating their names... then why the 4000 jews who used to work in the towers took MC at the same day?!


Hey Abdullah - it's amazing that you actually believe all the lies that you spew. I hate to tell you this - but - you have been programmed by clerics and imams. I seriously doubt that you are even capable of independent thought at this juncture.

You are, in fact, a Muslim robot. And you will do exactly as you are told by your clerics without question. That scares me!

Please note the following FACTS (that can all be proven with documented evidence.)

1. Islam is responsible for more than a billion deaths since it's inception. It is FAR more deadly than any other force in the history of civilization.

2. Your "holy" prophet was a mass-murderer, rapist, child molester [he married and consummated a relationship with a 9-year old girl], thief, and most importantly - a hypocrite. This is all quite clear in YOUR "holy" books! Try reading the Koran and Hadith yourself - without someone telling you what the actual words mean (e.g., look up the word "objectively" before you start.)

3. 9-11 was carried out by 19 Islamist Muslims from Saudi Arabia. There were no Jews or Christians involved (other than as victims). This was a terrorist attack by radical Muslim extremist murderers, and they proudly killed close to 3000 Americans in the name of your religion. Osama Bin Laden even admitted this. The murderers were following in the traditions of the great and last prophet.

4. The fact that you try to turn this into a conspiracy (e.g., the 4000 Jews that stayed home that day) is just typical Islamic lies. Islam loves to blame it's own disgusting carnage on it's victims as it always has.

5. Muslims have been murdering in the name of Islam for over 1400 years. They often judge others, and murder them (sometimes with torture, or removal of limbs) to 'teach them a lesson'. The problem is - for civilized human beings - murder (and other Islamic "punishments") are far more "HARAM" than ANY supposed offense ever committed by your victims.

6. There have been over 8000 Muslim Terrorist attacks SINCE 9-11. They are listed one-by-one at . This site will show you absolutely that Islam is NOT a religion of peace, and it will show you WHY with exact references into the Koran and Hadith.


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