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February 14, 2006


Eason Down The Road

You must have a great publicist, because somehow you’ve managed to convince a clueless Japanese documentarian that you're a “famous” “superblogger” when, in reality, you are operating a zero traffic website. There are actual bloggers out there, albiet non-super ones, that generate anywhere between a thousand to a hundred thousand times more hits than you do per day. The average teenager on myspace gets a hundred times more hits than you do per day. The typical third grader taking his or her first computer class gets a dozen times more hits than you do per day, and at any given moment I’m sure there are tens of thousands of “Under Construction” web pages that manage to beat your ratings. In any game there are starters and there are bench warmers, and, using this analogy, I’d have to day that you are, at best, on the waiting list to be a benchwarmer. So I ask you, oh great Uberbloggeris Maximus, when is this charade going to end?

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