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February 02, 2006


Eason Down The Road

Your last three blog entries concerning the Middle East have been ridiculously simplistic, contradictory, patronizing, and are much more likely to have emanated from your limbic system than from your frontal lobe.

Since the creation of the Palestinian Authority, corrupt Fatah politicians have stolen about 10 billion dollars from the Palestinian people, and over the course of the last decade they have done literally nothing to stabilize or improve the conditions of these people. The financially and morally bankrupt Fatah government was unable to provide even the most basic social services like hospitals, schools, food, and shelter to the Palestinian people, much less creating any jobs or an actual economy for them. For ten years Arafat, Fatah, and the PLO engaged in media stunts, bogus diplomacy, secret Swiss bank account transfers, and clandestine terrorism, and, meanwhile, over half of the Palestinian people are unemployed, the vast majority of them are living in poverty, and a large percentage of them subsist on services provided by local Hamas charities. In ten years time, Fatah did nothing to advance the peace process with Israel, orchestrated and actively supported the Second Intifada, and even hedged its political bets by creating it’s own armed Islamic terrorist wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, all of which killed more Israelis than Hamas ever did. In fact, if you’re keeping score, and you’re not letting political rhetoric distract you from cold hard facts, Fatah has about twice as much Israeli blood on it hands than Hamas, not including it’s thirty year track record, prior to the Oslo Accords, which included innumerable bombings kidnappings, and hijackings, not to mention it’s notable “goodwill gestures” at Entebbe and the Munich Olympics.

So, given all of this, a vote for Hamas was really just a vote against Fatah. It’s just that simple, and in any other political situation such a choice would have been seen as not only logical, but inevitable. It is only your political bias, which construes this election to be the “irrational” embrace of terrorism, that keeps you from understanding what has really taken place in this election. It is wrong of you to question the political decisions of the Palestinian people, and to judge them from the vantage point of your narrowly focused ideology, when you and the world at large have done absolutely nothing to change the immediate social and economic conditions that have brought about these difficult decisions in the first place. Whether you like it or not, Hamas will almost certainly do a better job of running the de facto Palestinian state than Fatah and the PLO, because, in the words of the old Merseyside philosophers, “it’s getting better all the time (it can’t get much worse)”. I think Israel has shed enough blood to last a lifetime, so the next time Hamas auctions off one of its famous 10 year hundas (it’s now up to 15 years) Israel should consider placing a bid.

Everyone has or will lose a loved one in their lifetime. This is a universal phenomenon and does not entitle anyone to special treatment in the eyes of the law, the Congress, or the media, regardless of how or where that loved one may have died. A loved one dying in combat does not bestow divine insight and wisdom upon their surviving family, nor does it keep those family members from doing and saying incredibly stupid and irresponsible things. Grief, and in some cases the delusional self righteousness that comes with it, should never be an excuse to justify unjustifiable behavior. My advice to you : research issues more thoroughly, make a closer examination of your perceived friends and enemies, and stop being so ridiculously naïve and sentimental.

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