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January 27, 2006



"Their neighbor, Israel, has significant nuclear weapon capabilities. Israel, with its Masada & Samson complexes, would destroy the entire region and possibly wipe out all of the Palestinians before they could ever live out their Hamas dreams."

No, that's Iran. Iran has stated that it is aware that nuclear bombing of Israel would wipe out most Palestinians, but that it would be worth it.

You can't talk about Israel nuking the Palestinian territories if you look at a map of the region. There is no nuclear device that would take out Gaza and the West Bank without severely damaging Israel as well, perhaps fatally.

The only reason to threaten anyone with nukes would be if Israel itself is imminently threatened with destruction, as a last-ditch attempt at deterrance.

The Palestinians aren't in any position to do that, so talking about nukes with regard to the Palestinians is ludicrous and I have never heard any Israelis ever say this. This is like the transport fantasies some anti-israel activists have, that Israel wants to transport all the Palestinians somewhere. Logistically, this isn't any more doable and the nuke idea. Period. Not only that, most Israelis find both ideas thoroughly repulsive. There isn't an equivalence between them and the Palestinians on this issue. There just isn't.

Like I said in my previous comment, Palestinians already have exposure to world media and they can filter out whatever doesn't justify their self-destructive tendencies. I run into Palestinains on online forums and blogs all the time. The world conversation has been taking place for several years. Mostly people talk past each other.

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