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February 15, 2005


Jon Garfunkel

you wrote:
"Some advice to politicians & media leaders: go hire some teenage hackers and a few twentysomething new media grads"

You remember the 2003-04 election season at all?
Also, it's not like Hewitt's saying anything new. He just knows how to get on TV and to flack is book. I can't say he's interested in tikkun olam. The week after the tsunami hit, he flacked his book more than flacking for his favorite charity on his blog. How do I know? I've done the research. And understanding the world of new media is more than just "hiring a teenage hacker."




I do remember the election, but look at how the mainstream still did not get it.

Why teenage hackers - not for the big picture, but because they culturally get it. They are the fish with gills in the new sea. The rest of us are scuba divers.



Hi Rony - As to you being credited with a "clean kill" on Jordan: see my nastygrams to KV & Susan I just posted on your Feb. 13 post.

Sorry my posts are so "absolute" in places but considering how long they already were, I didn't want to take the additional space to prevaricate. (For instance: My definition of "teeming mass" is any number of Arab journalists greater than two. :) And it's possible that your "laugh" quote Susan maligned is about something other than serendipity, but even I know it's not about taking pleasure in someone's pain.)

Funny that I had set out to share my appreciation for what was an amazing post, before losing my way while reading their comments.

And as to the Al-Jazeera/Iraqi TV incident mentioned there: I certainly didn't get any ideas from blogs or conspiracy theorists, nor information about it from anywhere except my television set. I simply remember seeing the Al-Jazeera incident reported in real time on the news; then, five minutes later, the anchor mentioning "five minutes ago, Iraqi TV finally went dark for good."

It was a crazy newsday that day; no clue if anyone chased down the lead. It may be nothing. But again, I wouldn't exactly trust Eason Jordan to "get to the bottom of it" either.

Jon Garfunkel

Rony-- I will work on a longer response, but, in short, I offer a reality check on Civilities to the rhetoric of the blogging evangelists who cry out that some people "just don't get it." In the same breath they say "This is revolution without real leaders" yet they are positioning themselves as experts, appearing on TV, holding forth at conferences, etc. And when they say "no one understands it," well, they're just saying that they haven't done the research in this area, or they're setting the bar way too low.

Yes, there are competing values: discretion/control and openness/chaos. The pendulum is swinging back towards the latter. Yes, I agree, that some people are a bit surprised by the pace and force of said pendulum hitting them in the gut. But I think they'll be able to adjust.


Seth Finkelstein

Actually, many of the evangelists mean "We understand it, we are the gurus, hire *us*, to be your guides in this Brave New World ... or suffer the consequences, whether merely being bypassed, or worse, a target of the, err, "citizens"".

Not a bad pitch, as those things go.

Certainly seems to have worked for many making it.


The taller they are, the harder they fall. Each person have a mission and purpose in life. The awakening of the so called giants, who are but people like you and me, not with a screem, not from a blast, but with the true innocent voice, reinforces the value of each of us as an individual, not a statistic to be glanced over and chase the manipulative way to trampel over the passive among us.

You did not go to a fight, but with your true innocent, conqured the invincible.

Jon Garfunkel

Well, Walt Whitman would have smiled on that last comment. But Rony said he didn't sent to conquer, just to clarify.

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