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February 21, 2005


His Majesty, The Duke and Duchess of Cornball

How dare you sir. How dare you. The Gaurdian is one of the finest pieces of sanitary tissue ever to grace the inner crevasses of my regal buttocks. As to Mr. Pervert’s fez wearing, I find it to be a touching tribute to the many years he spent performing as a circus monkey in Manchester. Lest you even consider breaching the subject, I assure you that Mr. Pervert’s persistent and nearly pathological cross dressing is a uniquely British phenomena, and is no cause for concern. Be respectful of your superiors you lowly colonial dog, and never again besmirch the reputation of such a fine and upstanding communist transvestite as Mr. Stewart Pervert. Alexander Rectal-Thermometer III Esquire, founder, night watchman, and current CEO of the Idiotic Teutonic Network


Do a google search for ITN.....

You know, basic 'blogger-type' research.

Jay's a Putz

Thanks Jay. You can go back to you "research" on kiddie porn now, that is unless your Mom is already using the phone.

Trevor Clarke

It's not so much that the Guardian is a fruit bat but it does allow fruit bat thinking to be expressed. Just like a good blogger, they are happy to fuel a debate.

The strange thing is, that they also published an article on Saturday 19 February by the previous leader of the conservative party, Ian Duncan-Smith. Under the heading 'Bloggers will rescue the right'.,3604,1417983,00.html

I was amazed when I read that article and concerned that the 'right' may see blogging, post Eason Jordan resignation, as a tool for proclaiming their beliefs, manipulating opinion and getting others fired who may be a problem or considered a threat to them. Or they may set on a campaign to discredit the blogasphere if they feel it is working against them. And of course, the left could easily do the same. It could all get very messy and murky. As always, alertness, astuteness and anticipation are the keys to staying ahead of the game.

I like your style, Rony, of right and left, and independent thinking, and refreshing to see that from an American. It seems to me, and I may be wrong, that dispassonate, intellectual and objective analysis is rare and that emotion, fear and religious beliefs, are predominant.

BTW ITN stands for Independent Television News and it does have a good reputation for editorial independence, albeit in a neutral 'mainstream and safe' kind of way.

Rebecca MacKinnon

We here in the states assume that those of you in the U.K. are much smarter than us in America because you have those very intelligent sounding accents.

Once I hired a Brit for a job, but had to fire him several months later after I discovered he was completely incompetent: His career advancement up until that point had little to do with the quality of his work and much to do with the fact that his previous American employers had been so damn impressed with his accent. Amazing.

Snarking aside... we need more people who think for themselves, refuse to be pigeonholed, and who aren't afraid to speak their minds. Keep it up.

Rebecca MacKinnon

(note: meant to put quotes around that first paragraph)


you might have fun reading up on ITN, they've had some interesting influence on popular consensus reality.

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