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February 14, 2005


Jon Garfunkel

Rony-- you handled yourself well on O'Reilly (I hope Keith accepts my apology for changing the channel). There's something to be said about being a designated "someone who doesn't belong" at a conference-- I had a similar experience at a blogging/journalism conference recently.

Though I think that the charge of "facilitating propaganda" that O'Reilly raised still rings hollow. Jim Geraghty heard from MEMRI that there was nothing in the Middle East media about this (granted, there was little in the US media about this, either).

I guess I'd be interested in watching the tape-- the whole tape of the whole forum-- to get a better sense of the atmosphere and the context of the whole discussion. I think you may have mentioned that this doesn't have the same shock when it's presented (as it has popularly been) as a right-wing witch hunt.

James Kaplin

Dear Mr. Abovitz
I watched you on Fox tonight and was kind of annoyed by O'Reilly who is a blow hard at times, but I want to thank you for asking the questions. This is not a left or right question but a question about the truth. If there is a segment of the world media who believe that the military targeted journalist then this story exposes the truth. I think that you have done a service for that Captain who lost his leg and is heading back to the war zone as sense of honor. You stood up to the truth and that is all one is asked to testify too in their life. I read the accounts of the Palestine hotel in Baghdad from the journalist from the Boston Globe and he set the record straight that journalist without borders took his comments out of context and started this whole big story of targeting troops. Mr. Eason's job is to know these things and there is no excuse for his malpractice to his profession. Would we give a doctor a pass for malpractice or a priest for betraying the trust of his parishioners for molesting young boys. No because they have betrayed our trust and their profession. You only stood up for you ethics and morals to the truth and Mr. Jordan has been swept away in a storm of lies!!! Great Work from a Great American!!!!
James A. Kaplin
New Castle, PA



The NYT writes: "Mr. Abovitz asked some of the journalists at the event if they were going to write about Mr. Jordan's comments and concluded that they were not because journalists wanted to protect their own. There was also some confusion about whether they could, because the session was officially "off the record.""

Could you comment on the "journalists wanted to protect their own"?

Also could you comment on the "confusion". Were the journalists you spoke to confused about whether the session was on or off the record at the time and when it became clear?


You are a sad man. Hey, there's also a gay hooker who pimped GOP talking points. That, somehow, seems far more interesting to report on.

Ron's Psychiatrist

Dear Mr. Abovitz,
Please forgive Ron for his crude and thoughtless comments. He is a recovering gay hooker and chihuahuaphile with poor self-esteem and impulse control problems. He hates himself for loving you and is not responsible for his actions. He is responding well to his current treatment of cat food enemas and testicular electroshock. God willing, he will be sane again one day. Thank you. Dr. Delicious Johansen


Ron and his Psychiatrist:

Thank you for the brilliant remarks. I'm sure that the gay hooker was more interesting.


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