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February 27, 2005



Can one ever defeat terror by killing it? You asked.
International thuggery/terror has almost always evolved to become such a problem due to the indifference and/or appeasement of those it eventually over runs and threatens. It’s inspired and motivated by our real or perceived weakness. Values or actions you or I might appreciate are the same values and actions the depraved view as proof of weakness and decline. You negotiate to avoid a fight - they perceive your desire to negotiate as proof of your inability to fight - a perfect time to attack. At that point one has to not only defeat terror but must also completely lay waste to it. Terrors potential followers and hangers on are inspired to participate by terrors exploits at the expense of its target. These same people are considerably less enthusiastic when all their buddies who already joined the jihad come home in boxes..If at all.. And instead of exploits the tales told are of the sole surviving jihadist escaping the massacre of his terror cell.

So you see you have two ways to defeat terror. Never allow the pathology to take hold and flourish - or having failed that - completely destroy it and replace the environment that fed it with one that wont.

If terror can’t be killed explain how it is the most militaristic culture of the last century is now the most pacifistic? Explain Germany.

For years the Right was indifferent to the plight of the people suffering under the thugs it coddled. And for just as many years the Left paid lip service to their suffering just long enough to get elected then would pick up where the right left off.. Coddling the thug dictators. Now that the chickens have come home to roost - The right (for the most part) owns up to its past folly and its contribution to the fight were in. The left (for the most part) owns up to nothing, blames it all on the right, ducks the fight and expresses its guilt by appeasing the fascists. Which the thugs perceive as weakness and are further motivated to act.. Continuing the cycle.

This will not defeat terror but it will eventually defeat those who want terror defeated.


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