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February 17, 2005



Freedom of speech is going down the drain. The leader of Harvard is taking way too much heat for saying something that was obviously true. He said that women might have biological differences in their brains that make them worse at math and science. It's true that something is different with them. There is way less of them in the fields of math and science. Women will attack you all the time for saying something degrading about them and try to get you fired, but then they will say that they are better at art and communications. That is also true.

Also, the FCC, a government run organization is blatantly violating the 1st amendment which states that government cannot abridge freedom of speech. What's the FCC doing, then? Did you know that they fined Bob Edwards for using the name John Kerry 12 times in half an hour on his show before election day? Tell me what is wrong with discusing John Kerry on a political show. There's something wrong with voting for him, but you should be allowed to discuss him.

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