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February 11, 2005



No one expects politicians, journalists, bloggers or any human not to make mistakes. But we should, and do, expect them to be honest enough to fess up to any they make. Had Jordan admitted his faux pas and corrected it/them, he'd likely still have this CNN job. Essentially, then, he did it to himself.

Richard Mansuetto


You are to be commended for your courage and persistence. It is over but yet just beginning. With the resignation of Mr. Jordan, finally we have a chance to hold all public influence yielding people accountable. Thank you.

Marc Curry

Acountability is good. Vengeance is mine says the Lord! Thank you for giving a reminder that we all sin at times and need mercy.


All very pious. But also hopelessly naive. Jordan isn't going to call for the release of the tape because he's already been paid by CNN, as part of his leaving package, not to do that.



Just my warmest thanks and gratitude for your courageous reporting of Mr. Jordan's comments at Davos. You are to be commended.

foreign devil

Here's what came out of Easongate and what you did by standing up for our military:

Had Eason Jason's assertions that the US military (and by extension all the others serving in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East) were targetting journalists (and by implication who else might they be targetting), not been vigorously refutted after you so bravely reported it, at some time in the future in this psych war we are in with the countries of the Middle East who act as spokesmen for al-Qaeda, they would have trotted out the videotape of this encounter at some time in the future when it was most embarrassing, as proof of US atrocities.

It was absolutely KEY that Eason Jordan's statements be first, exposed and second, refuted vigorously. You bravely did the first--the blogosphere, once it became aware, was outraged and did the second. It had to be done and you served your country well. Be proud!

foreign devil in Canada


Thank you, Rony, for holding Jordan Eason accountable. The truth is indeed a stubborn thing......

George Clarke

The fact that Eason did not publish and release his statements, and explain and repudiate them on the grounds he had no admissible support for them, is because, it appears, he still holds a lingering belief they are or might be true. As an honest man I could not repudiate a statement I believed was true, even if I had no admissible proof for it. No one understands why Eason has resigned, rather than come clean and apologized. The only explanation is he can't, because in his dementia, he does not believe he has anything to apologize for. This raises the question, what hearsay gave him this "information" and why does Eason not want to expose it? The real story is the journalists getting shot. Now with Eason hiding the ball, that story, which Eason should have chased, will never be chased, hopefully because there was no story. But now we will never know.


When you meet someone in the flesh, and can look them in the eye and see that they are human, it is harder to simply call out for their head, as many are doing.

Perhaps if Mr. Jordan had spent more time meeting with troops, looking them in the eye and seeing that they are human, he would have thought twice before accusing them of deliberately killing journalists.

But he didn't.

foreign devil

George Clark says "the real story is the journalists getting shot"! Say WHAT? That's like "the memos were fake but accurate" in the Rathergate story. THERE WERE NO JOURNALISTS SHOT! THAT'S THE STORY! Eason Jordan lied to make himself look 'in the know' in front of a bunch of influential people in Davos! He's a louthmouth and an a$$hole and THAT'S THE STORY! HIS LIES COULD HAVE DONE A LOT OF DAMAGE AS PROPAGANDA--AND THAT'S THE STORY TOO!


there's a LOT of emotion
and NOT a lot of fact-finding
at the roots of this story.

i don't consider the blogosphere's
actions as a "witch-hunt".

neither do i agree with demanding
Jordan's dismissal before the Video was aired.

the bottom line is
Jordan's accustations
were without evidence,and clearly
presented in the wrong forum
if he indeed intended to level charges or murder.

at this point,it's still a cover-up.

Jordan's resignation is only marginally meaningful.

G. Clarke's and foreign devil's exchange
hinge on Jordan's being called on to legitimate
and provide EVIDENCE of his charges.

that isn't going to happen now.

Unless people in the US write their congressional
reps for an official hearing/investigation.

make the VIDEO public!

Public's right to know?

not in Davos.


PS -
the seminar title was clearly stood on its head:
"Will Democracy Survive the Media?"

became instead:

"Will(One-to-Many)Media Survive Democracy
(Many-to- Many Media)?"


thanks Rony,for risking your access to Davos
to report to the larger world
what was happening behind closed doors.



"the bottom line is
Jordan's accustations
were without evidence,and clearly
presented in the wrong forum
if he indeed intended to level charges OF murder.

Jon Garfunkel

Ironically, just a few days ago, Rony cited Zed Pobre's work on unearthing the evidence regarding the death toll on this very blog:

The Deviated Septum

Dear Mr. Fixtheworld

I recently lost the use of all of my senses, save one, in a rather unfortunate accident involving chocolate coffee beans and highly enriched uranium, and to this end, I was wondering whether or not you might, in the not too distant future, begin offering some of your web content in a more scratch-and-sniffable form. I look forward to this day, as I am sure that it will provide me with a greater insight into the workings of your fine mind, not to mention the fact that there is a suprising shortage of smellable media. Sadly, the last good story that I "read" turned out to be a cranapple fruit rollup. Thank you for your concern. Yours truely, - TDS
P.S. Have you seen my car keys? The last place that I saw them was on top of my ham sandwich.

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