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February 11, 2005


Bruce Hill

I receive a copy of American Journalism Review each month and I normally just toss it into the trash can.

The reason I receive AIR is that I publish a SMALL weekly newspaper.

I, like you and many others, have lost all confidence in the mainstrean news media. I have been interviewed and misquoted, just as thousands of others claim.

"The Accidental Blogger" article was read by accident...or maybe not. I had a few minutes and decided to see what was behind the cover.

Let me applaud you and other "bloggers," a term I was not familiar with because I have my head in the sand.

However, there is certainly a need to expose some of the untruths that are reported and the manner that news people "go after" people.

I copied the quote below from one of the articles on your site.

"We should not simply oust the old king and put in a new one just as corrupt. The bloggers should be a model of journalistic ethics and shame the MSM into a new model of behavior and standards."

If you meet this standard, you will be doing the world an invaluable service!

Bruce Hill

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