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February 16, 2005


Off the Record

The body has grown cold and yet you keep fucking the corpse? Add necrophile to your resume.

Off the Record


Clearly what has happened evokes strong emotions from people on all sides. A lot of people, media and otherwise, are trying to understand how something like blogging has such an impact, and what will the impact be in the future, and if it can be used in a good way.

Has enough on the subject been said? I don't know. What I do know is that the discussion continues in many other places, among people with sharply divided opinions.

A request - all sorts of opinions are welcome, but if you want to be self-righteous and moral, don't hide behind anonymity. If you believe in what you are saying, put your name behind it.


Off the Record

Sorry mein fuhrer, I seem to have misplaced my papers. Will my arm tatoo suffice? - OtR


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